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Butterfly Pea Flower (Clitoria Ternatea L.) also called Blue Pea has a woody and earthy flavor that's reminiscent of green tea. It’s most interesting part is its ability to change color depending on the pH of any ingredient that's added to it. 


At first, beverage has a deep, midnight blue color. It will turn to beautiful, rich violet if add a squeeze of lemon or any acidic liquid and turn to bright red if add hibiscus flowers.

Butterfly Pea Flower Extract

    • Appearance: Concentrated liquid
    • Colour: Dark blue
    • Flavour: Woody
    • Taste: Characteristics of butterfly pea flower
    • Brix:  30 - 35
    • Net Weight: 1kg in bottle packing 
    • Country of Origin: Malaysia 
    • Application: Beverages, Deserts, Ice-cream, Jelly, Dressings, Jam and Baking recipes.
    • Condition: Colour will change when added with acidic ingredients.
    • Labelling: Every pack is labelled in accordance with current international legislations.
    • Storage: Stored in sealed hygiene containers at cool, dry place & away from pest infestation.
    • Shelf Life: 1 year when properly stored.
    • Conformity: Certified by HALAL.
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