Concentrated Pineapple Juice is prepared from Pineapple Juice obtained from the flesh of sound, ripe Pineapple fruit.


The juice is finished through a screen to remove coarse particles of shell, seeds, core and other extraneous matter. It is centrifuges to remove pulp and then evaporated to the required concentration.

The product is aseptically packed with no additives or preservatives added.

Concentrated Pineapple Juice

    • Appearance: Homogenous puree & free of any foreign mater
    • Colour: Characteristics of ripe Pineapple colour – Yellow Brownish 
    • Flavour: Typical of naturally ripe Pineapple without any off flavour
    • Taste: Characteristics of ripe Pineapple fruit
    • Sweetness (Brix): 61.0 ± 1.0
    • Net Weight: 30 kg
    • Country of Origin: Philippines  
    • Standard Packing:
      Aseptic: Packed aseptically of 30 kg in a metalized polyester bag with polyethylene liner in bag-in-box. Product can also be supplied in any other pack size as per customer requirement.
    • Labelling: Every pack is labelled in accordance with current international legislations.
    • Storage & Shelf Life: 12 months at ambient temperature. 18 months at 4⁰C -10⁰C (chilling temperature).
    • Conformity: Ccertified by HALAL