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Aseptic Totapuri Mango Puree is extracted from Non GMO, sound mature and selected ripened Totapuri Mango fruits during mango season.


This process involved selection of ripen mangoes, washing, cutting, inspection, pulping, decanting, filtration, metal detection, aseptic sterilization and packed in aseptic bags in MS drums under stringent hygiene conditions throughout the process line and passed through several online Quality test and final inspections as well.

Aseptic Totapuri Mango Puree

    • Appearance: Homogenous puree & free of any foreign matter
    • Colour: Characteristics of ripe Mango colour – Golden Yellow
    • Flavour: Typical of naturally ripe Totapuri Mango without any off flavor
    • Taste: Characteristics of ripe Totapuri Mango fruit
    • Sweetness (Brix): Minimum 14.0
    • Net Weight: 215 kg (Drum), 18.6 kg (Can/ Tin)
    • Gross Weight: 232 kg (Drum), 21.4 kg (Can/ Tin)
    • Country of Origin: India
    • Standard Packing:
      Aseptic: Packed aseptically pre-sterilized bags of 215 kg placed with poly liner in food grade epoxy painted (inside) open top MS drum packing. Product can also be supplied in any other pack size as per customer requirement.

      Can/ Tin: Packed in 3.1 kg x 6 Cans/ Carton. Total 18.6 kg/ Carton.
    • Labelling: Every pack is labelled in accordance with current international legislations.

    • Storage & Handling: Stored at ambient temperature preferable below 25⁰C and not below 4⁰C. Do not freeze.
      Protect from direct sunlight & rain.
      Use contents immediately upon opening. Do not use if the pack is puffed.
    • Shelf Life: Best before 24 months from the date of manufacturing
    • Conformity: Confirms to AIJN, certified by HALAL & KOSHER
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