Concentrated Apple Juice is made physically removing water from depectinised, filtered, unsweetened, unacidified and unfermented apple juice obtained from pressing of fresh, sound and ripe apples without aroma; apples are produced in China.

Apple Juice Concentrate

    • Appearance: Homogenous & free of any foreign mater
    • Colour : Characteristics of ripe Apple colour – Light Brownish 
    • Flavour : Typical of naturally ripe Apple juice without any off flavour
    • Taste : Characteristics of ripe Apple fruit
    • Sweetness (Brix) : 70.0 ± 0.5
    • Net Weight: 275 kg
    • Gross Weight: 295 +/- 5 kg
    • Country of Origin: China  
    • Standard Packing:
      Aseptic: Packed aseptically in sealed and lidded cylindric metal drum with flexibag/ polyliner and/ or inner bag holding 275 kg. Product can also be supplied in any other pack size as per customer requirement.
    • Labelling: Every pack is labelled in accordance with current international legislations.
    • Storage & Shelf Life: 24 months if stored aseptically at maximum 5⁰C. 24 months if stored non-aseptically at maximum 5⁰C.
    • Conformity: Ccertified by HALAL.